Bihar Haj Flight Schedule 2016

Haj Flight schedule 2017

Bihar State Haj Committee has published the notification Haj Flight schedule 2016related to upcoming flight schedule for Bihar Haj Pilgrims for year 2016. This year total 6750 Haj pilgrims are going to Haj Pilgrimage from Bihar.

All Haj Pilgrims from Bihar will board on flight from Gaya International Airport. The first group of Haj Pilgrims from Bihar will board on flight on 4th August , 2016 at 10:30 am. This process would continue till 3rd September, 2016.

From the first day to 16th August , 2016 each day there would be two flights and from 17th August to 28th August there would be one flight which would take pilgrims from Gaya to Makkah.There would be two flights from 29th September onwards and one flight on 3rd September.

There would be total 50 flights of Spicejet for Makka Madina . First flight would go at 10:30 am and second flight at 12:30 pm. There would be 135 pilgrims in one flight.

Returning flight is scheduled from 17th September, 2016 which would continue till 16th October, 2016.

The whole process for Haj flight has been started . There would be special facilities on Gaya International Airport by Gaya District and Administration for transportation , stay , health , drinking water , cleanliness , electricity and security.


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