Last Date Haj PP / pay-in-slip of Advance Haj amount

Though there are number of Haj applicants who are waiting for their selection , which would be finalized after qurrah / draw of lots only. Still there are many applicants from 70+ age group who are selected in many states and applicants from those state where the application is less than the Haj quota of the state are also selected directly, these applicants should now move to the next Haj process i.e payment and submission of PP / pay-in-slip of Advance Haj amount / Medical Certificate by them to State Haj Committees.

Remember according the Circular in which HCOI ( Haj committee of India ) announced its action plan ,
The last date for receipt of Advance Haj Amount from the Selected pilgrims is 8th April, 2016

Last date for submission of PP / Pay-in-slip of advance Haj Amount / Medical Certificate by Selected Haj Pilgrims to SHCs is 15th April, 2016

To know more about the details visit the website of HCOI :

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