Grand Mosque New Wheel Chair For Sa’ie

Performing Haj is not an easy task , especially for those who are old , disabled and sick pilgrims. So authorities who are responsible to make the Haj process comfortable and easy always try to facilitate  various tools and methods for pilgrims so that they can have soothing Haj pilgrimage. This year old wheelchairs in the Grand Mosque, Makkah used to perform Haj Grand Mosque - Wheel Chair perform Sa'ieSa’ie  (step up between the hillocks of Safa and Marwa) is  replaced with new modern and more comfortable ones,  the new wheelchairs is having  most modern specifications and are more easy to push. The old wheelchairs  were heavy to push, difficult to clean, have adverse effects on the floors. Besides they are of  high quality, light in weight and do not occupy large space

The wheelchairs are provided free of charge to the owners who wish to change their old charts with new ones.The old wheelchairs have been in use since the time of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the Kingdom, who ordered that they be given to Saudi citizens so they can benefit from their proceeds resulting from serving the guests of God.

This new change will definitely going to give pleasing and soothing experience to Haj Pilgrims .


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