Haj 2017 Application – Infant Rules

Haj application submission process has started from 2nd January . There are many Haj applicants who have many doubts related to rules and regulations related to Haj Committee of India so they are not able to fill up the application in correct manner . Those who having small kids and have no one to look after them , they have questions related to their infants and about their Air Fare. Remember these following points regarding infants :

  1. Any Cover shall have minimum 1 (one) and maximum 5 (five) adults + 2 (two)infants-haj-hajj
    infants. (If the number of family members exceeds five, applications should be made in
    more than one Cover.)
  2. Infants are those applicants who would complete 2 years of age by
    10th October, 2017 or by the date of arrival of last inward Haj Charter Flight,
    whichever is earlier.
  3. Infant travel is not free of cost and they will be charged 10% of
    full airfare (as decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation, which will be communicated in
    due course).
  4. All applicants other than infants as defined above shall be treated as adult and
    shall be charged full Airfare. Haj Amount has to be paid by them accordingly.

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