Haj Accommodation Green & Aziziya – Facility , Total Amount

Haj application form submission has started for Ha pilgrimage 2017 . The main point where all the applicants get confuse is in the selection of Haj accommodation.  There are two categories of accommodation in Makkah viz. Green and Aziziya. The pilgrims are required to indicate their option in the HAF. The option once exercised shall be final and irrevocable. So please make sure which one to choose in the Haj Application Form .
The details and amount about both the category are given below :

1. Green Category : The buildings in this category will be within a distance of 1000 meters from the outer green-aziziya-haj-accomodationperiphery of Haram Sharief (and not from Kaaba). As Haram Sharief is a very large mosque the
distance from outer periphery to Kaaba would be additional 400-600 meters. Pilgrims have to either walk from their buildings to the Haram Sharief or use taxi on their own expense. NO KITCHEN
FACILITY WILL BE PROVIDED IN THIS CATEGORY. As per the instruction of Saudi Authorities, cooking has been strictly prohibited in the buildings in Green Category. The pilgrims have to
make their own arrangements for meals by purchasing from restaurants, hotels, etc. The amount chargeable for Green accommodation is SR 4500 per pilgrim. Haj amount payable for Green Category in 2016 was Rs. 2,19,000 ( approx) .

2. Aziziya Category : Pilgrims opting for this category will be accommodated in Aziziya or similar localities which would be within about 7-8 kms from Haram Sharief. However, bus transport to Haram
Sharief will be provided for the pilgrims of this category. The amount chargeable for Aziziya category, inclusive of transportation, is SR 2580 per pilgrim. Haj amount payable for Aziziya Category in 2016 was Rs. 1,85,000 ( approx) .


  • Yolmo

    There is information about the cost only for 2016. Also, is this application for govt. quota?

  • Mohammad Shahid

    How much amount in Indian rupees per Haji will be refunded whom category has been changed from green to aziziah.And when this refund will be made? because there are few cases of last year who have not received any refund yet.

  • Peerjade

    Will the food arrangement be done by the building owner or we have to purchase it by ourselves in green category

  • m fareed

    please clarify the date ofqurrah results

  • Imran pathan

    Why kitchen is not allow green facilities please replied

  • Rashid

    We applied for green is possible to change it for aziziya

    • Hajj

      Please contact your respective State Haj Committee , however as per the Haj guidelines there is not any such provision.

      • Monu Mohamed

        We applaied for green is possible to change it Azizia thanks

        • Hajj

          As per the rule once you have selected the accommodation category , there is not any provision to change it , please contact your respective State Haj Committee for it . May be they guide you.
          Thanks & Regards

      • Jalees

        Yes you can. My father in law had done that, this year only but do it fast and before paying the balance amount. Contact both State Haj committee as well as Mumbai office. You have to sent change of category application to CEO, Mumbai Haj Committee. Act fast and do repeated inquiry after giving application and dont miss the last date of payment.

  • Bilal

    How many rupees to pay per person in haj committee?


    food faculty in azazia-ras avelable

  • Manzoor Ahmad Mir

    I want to know about total amount of haj 2018 Azazah

  • Abdul gafar

    Process for change green to aziziya plzz tell me

  • Md jawaid badguzar

    Assalamualykum, 2 cover no ek saath adjust ho sakatai hai.


    As Salam Oalekum,

    I Would like to know about that my parents applied for Haj this year Insha’Allah can you explain me about the facility in GEEN CATAGORY they applied for green but I came to know in late that there is no food cooking provision in this category so how they manage their food and what about their accommodation my father , mother and with her elder sister , which types of room provided in this category

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