Haj Operator Sentenced For Fraud

Haj is considered one of the most divine and pious ritual for the Muslims , which every Muslim should offer . Still there are many Muslims, who in the name of Hajj / Haj don’t hesitate in doing fraud and cheating. One Pakistani Haj and Umrah tour operator Rashed Minhas is sentenced for to nine-and-a-half-year jail by federal court in Chicago for cheating a group of Pakistani Haj pilgrims and blowing their money in a casino.

Minhas admitted that he deceived these pilgrims , who trusted him with their finances to realize their dream of going for Haj. He was accused of wasting $1.3 million in the casino near Disneyland.The federal police said that Minhas sent electronic messages to the people he had collected money from, saying that the Saudi Embassy would not give them visas to enter the Kingdom.

The culprit Minhaas in the courtroom maintained silence and bowed during the proceedings, when the judge allowed him to speak, he burst out crying, saying he lost everything and that he can only say he was sorry to the victims of his crime.Haj Fraud 2016

Saying sorry wont lessen his grave crime towards Allah and innocent pilgrims. Its very hard for many people who want to go for Haj to find the right Haj operators and guide them to go for Haj and end up in trap of such fraud .

Muslims who know about Haj and its proceedings , they should spread awareness about this in their group so that no one can come in trap of such skimming .

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