Five Haj Operators / Muttawifeen Awarded For Their Services

India Honors Haj Guides / Operators

Indian Haj Mission awarded 5 Haj operators

Five out of 28 Haj operators, who gave their best services to Indian Pilgrims were awarded by Indian Haj Mission. These operators are also called Muttawifeen. Their names are Mamdooh Mohammed Amin Mahboob, Naif Najeeb Abdul Hamid Khan, Zohair Ibrahim Mohammed Hussain, Saeed Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Hussain and Reshaad Abdul Muqtadir Iskandar. This award was presented by India’s former Cabinet minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, who is chairman of India’s Long-Term Accommodation Committee (LTAC).

Minister on this occassion appreciated the facility and positive changes made in the Haj pilgrimage by Saudi Arabia Government in last 16 years . He also emphasized the strong relationship between India and Saudi Arabia, which he feels after Prime Minister visit to the country has made it even more stronger.He menitioned that Indian Muslims have deep attachement with SA , earlier the number of Muslims coming for Umrah was less ,but in recent years the number has increased.

The criteria for selecting the candidate for the award was done on following basis :

  1. How our pilgrims were received at the airport
  2. how was their baggage handled
  3. How pilgrims were transported from the airport to their accommodation and from Makkah to Mina, and then to Arafat from Mina and back to Muzdalifah
  4. Reports and inputs from people on the ground and pilgrims

All 28 muttawifeen are linked to the South Asian Pilgrim Establishment

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