Haj Qurrah Date 2017

One of the main task for the Haj Committee of India is selecting the applicants for Haj pilgrimage. This is done by Qurrah / draw of lots . The last date of submitting the Haj application form is 6th February, 2017. Haj qurrah Date

This is not the end of the process, the real process of Haj Pilgrimage starts after the selection of Haj Pilgrims . So all the Haj applicants wait for the qurrah eagerly because after that applicants would be assured if they have to go or not for Haj Pilgrimage and accordingly they will start their preparation. This year the Quraah is scheduled to take place between 14th March to 21st March, 2017. After qurrah all the selected pilgrims would be informed about their selection and the waiting list of remaining applicants will be documented. In case any state is allotted extra Haj seats or seat is vacant due to some other reasons like cancellation by selected pilgrim, then applicants will be selected for Haj according the waiting list number .

Remember : There are limited seats so its not possible for HCOI to select all the applicants so pilgrims are selected through Qurrah .


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