Haj WB Flight Schedule , Kolkata -Tentative Date

WB Haj Flight Date Kolkatta

Haj Pilgrims from West Bengal ( WB ) will board for Jeddah from WB Haj Flight Date KolkattaKolkata (ccu) embarkation point . There would be total 10500 pilgrims from Kolkata. There would be three flight per day from Kolkata. Kolkata embarkation point covers Haj pilgrims West Bengal, Odisha and Tripura.

The tentative date of flight from Kolkata would be from 4th August, 2016 which would continue till 20th August. Pilgrims will disembark in Jeddah. The returning flight date is 16th September . Pilgrims will board from Jeddah.

All the pilgrims will be informed about their individual flight date on the mobile / email . They can also see it on the website by entering their cover number on website of HCOI or visit the official website of West Bengal State Haj Committee : http://www.wbhaj.com/


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