Importance of Haj Cover Number

There are many pilgrims who forget their cover number and later on find themselves in problem , because Cover number is used as reference in all further correspondence in Haj process. Those who miss their cover number or not able to obtained it , they are not able to present themselves in the time of need from Haj Committee of India if required.

Cover refers to the applicants applying together as a group . Only Close members of family or relatives should apply in a single cover . Cover head shall be an adult male only and in case he cancels his application for ahj, he should indicate name of another male member from that cover, as new Cover Head.Once Cover have minimum one and maximum five adults plus two infants.
NOTE : Remember no Haj Application Form will be considered for Qurrah without Cover Number . So all pilgrims must obtain their cover number from State Haj Committee.

This year Qurrah / Draw of lots / Lottery is supposed to take place in the first week of January, 2018


  • Mohdahmednawaz

    When start first intalment

    • Hajj

      Please contact your respective state Haj Committee, it starts after Qurrah process. All the provisionally selected pilgrims shall pay Rs.81,000/-(Advance Haj Amount-Rs.80,000 plus Miscellaneous Dues-Rs.1,000).

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