Khadim-ul-Hujjaj Application 2016 – UP , Assam

Haj Committee of India has uploaded the information related to Direct Selection of Khadim-ul-Hujjaj from Uttar Pradesh and Assam States for Haj 2016. Haj Pilgrims should know that KuH play a very vital role in providing help to all Haj pilgrims at various stage of Haj pilgrimage. They are deputed from all States / UT in terms of norms of HCOI , as approved by Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ).

This year it has been decided to select KuH in the ratio of 1 KuH for 200 pilgrims so that a KuH travels in each flight and takes care of the pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage. While in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ), the KuH have to assist the Consulate General of India , Jeddah ( CGI) in looking after the welfare of Haj Pilgrims in an organised manner.

It has already been decided that full quota of KuH is utilized . To support the SHCs , 50% of the expenditure on the KuH shall be borne by HCOI and the remaining amount by respective State / UT Haj Committees.

Khadim-Ul-Hujjaj UP , AssamThe Consulate General of India, Jeddah has always asked that KuH should be there from all states / UT . However, UP was not sending any KuH since last 5 years due to some disagreement over criteria on the selection of KuH. So HCOI has decided to select KuH for the state directly. While Assam State has also expressed its inability to send KuH for Haj 2016 so did not nominated any KuH from Assam state. Thus HCOI will directly select 55 KuH from UP and 12 KuH from Assam.

Norms for the selection of Khadim-ul-Hujjaj for Haj 2016 in UP and Assam:

i. Only Male applicants are eligible who are between the age group of 25 to 50 years as on 1st July, 2016.

ii. Applicants , who have already performed Haj , will only be eligible . They should have good knowledge of whole Haj process

iii. Applicants who are having knowledge of Arabic language will be given preference

iv. Should have good health ( have to submit health certificate )

v. Have to attend the training organised by HCOI for KuH, failing it would be cancellation of the candidature

vi. no family member can accompany KuH on Haj pilgrimage

To see the complete notification and information visit the website of HCOI 

Eligible applicants may send their complete applications in prescribed format with all the required documents to the Chief Executive Officer , so as to reach the office of Haj committee of India, Bai-ul-Hujjaj( Haj House ), 7-A , M.R.A Marg ( Palton Road ) Mumbai 400001 on or before 9th May, 2016


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