Khadim-ul-Hujjaj, Kuh Application Form 2016

Haj Committee of India has declared the notification for the selection of Khadim-ul-Hujjaj(Kuh) 2016. Khadim-ul-Hujjaj play a vital role in helping Haj pilgrims during Haj pilgrimage. They are selected from all State / UT according to the rules laid by HCOI as approved by Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA).

HCOI has decieded to select one KUH for 200 pilgrims so that a KuH travels in each flight and takes care of the pilgrims during the pilgrimage. KuH are supposed to help Consulate General of India , Jeddah ( CGI) in looking after the welfare of pilgrims in well manner, in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) . So HCOI try its best to utilized the full quota of KuH.

The HCOI bear the 50% expenditure on the KuH and the rest 50% shall be borne by respective state and UT haj Committees.

Eligibility / Rules / Norms for the selection of KuH :-
1. Have to apply in the given application format given on the website , which is supposed to reach the respective SHC before or on 11th March , 2016.
NOTE : Application sent to HCOI will be rejected

2. Those who are male between the age group of 25 to 50 as on 1st July , 2016 can only apply . Age relaxation is given in case of serving officials of SHCs.

3. Those who have performed Haj are only eligible , they should have efficient knowledge regarding Haj process and activities .

4. Those who have knowledge of Arabic language will be given preference.

5. Have to submit medical certificate , any fault or falseness will can be the reason of rejecting the applicants.

6. Those KuH who will not attend the training organized by HCOI , their selection will be cancelled , so make sure to attend the training program after the selection.

7. Applicants must be employess of Gov / Public sector Units / Statutory bodies Employees working on Temporary / Part-Time / Seasonal / Contractual / Ad-Hoc basis are not eligible . Besides , senior officers like Class A officers of Central or State Gov or equivalent are also not eligible for KuH. However, employees having field experience in departments like Police , Home-guards , Forest , Revenue shall be given preferences.

8. Have to submit “No Objection” certificate from the employer .

9. 15% to total KuH quota would be nominated by employees of respective SHC and State Wakf Board

10. No family member can accompany a KuH on Haj Pilgrimage

11. No Kuh should have any connection with any Saudi Tawafa Establishment ( Moallim)

To read the remaining rule and duties of KuH and to the download the application form , go through the file uploaded on the website of HCOI


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