KSA Welcomes Guest of God for Haj

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) is all ready to welcome the Haj Pilgrims all over the world . KSA consider all Haj pilgrims as ” Guests of God ” . Haj pilgrims from India are gradually reaching to Jeddah for Haj Pilgrimage. According to India Consulate , Jeddah till 27th Crowd In Haj 2016August , 2016 Total number of Haj Pilgrims arrived are 71,886. Out of these total numbers 62,988 are in Makkah and 8,879 have reached Madinah.

Till date total number of flights reached , with Haj pilgrims from India to Jeddah is 256. There is facility of Bus service for 24 hrs from airport to accommodation for the Haj pilgrims. All the Haj volunteers are Vigilant to give the best service to all the pilgrims.

There is fair at airport on safety measures, to introduce the pilgrims how to handle the emergency . Hajj Ministry of SA have taken many safety measures to ensure safety and security of pilgrims .

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