Makkah – Dismantling of Temporary Mataf Bridge

The expansion work at the Grand Mosque is about to complete so the decision was taken to dismantle the temporary Mataf bridge.Taking all the safety measure in concern the dismantling of temporary Mataf bridge has started. The deadline to complete the dismantling work is Ramadan according to the local media reporting.Mataf Bridge Makkah

According to Faisal Wafa, head of the Mataf Technical Committee the temporary bridge will be dismantled by Shabaan 20, 1437 A.H. (about 10 days before Ramadan month begins) . All the technical team working at Grand Mosque are coordinating with each other to maintain risk free implementation of all operations . All the members from any project make sure to meet all the guidelines to ensure total security and safety.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has stated that the decision to dismantle the temporary Mataf bridge was taken because there was no need of that bridge as the Mataf expansion project has been completed.

Al-Sudais urged the elderly people and the handicapped who rely on wheelchairs to use the alternative track of the Mataf bridge and follow guidelines and instructions with regard to entry and exit.


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