Makkah Smart City Project

Much hullabaloo is there in India regarding Smart City. After the Makkah Smart City Projectannouncement of first twenty list of smart city to be created is released , while people are waiting for the next 80 names of town list, while we would like to share one news about Makkah Smart City Project.

It is supposed to be built on a mountain that is a distance away from the holy mosque. There is problem of providing a proper residence to the people who are living there . One of the main reason is geographical condition of the place , which make it hard to manage all the life amenities at the right place .Makkah Smart City Project01

It will make Makkah the first smart city in the Kingdom. As the centre of the Islamic faith, Makkah’s development is of great importance not only for its locals but for all Muslims who are visiting Makkah for Haj and Umrah from around the world. Infact it is supposed to become world leading Smart City.

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