Mehram Category – 200 Haj Seats Allotment

Haj Committee of India has issued the notification on the allotment of Two Hundred ( 200) Haj seats in Mehram Category . All Haj Pilgrims know that as per Islamic Law a lady cannot undertake pilgrimage unless accompanied by a Sharia Mehram.Mehram Haj India 2016

There have been cases where a lady pilgrim who wants to perform Haj is left out due to non-availability of passport , not applying within specified time etc and her only Mehram has got selected for Haj 2016. In Such cases , the female intending pilgrims needs to included in the Cover of her selected Mehram , as otherwise , she may not be abel to perform Haj in subsequent years for want of Mehram. Therefore , Ministry of External Affairs , Government of India , New Delhi has allocated a quota of 200 Haj seats to be utilized to include such lady Pilgrims in the Covers of already confirmed Mehram Pilgrims.

Haj Applications Form ( HAF) for selection in this category may be submitted by eligible lady pilgrims to their respective State / Union Territory Haj Committee on or before 23rd May , 2016.

NOTE : In no case shall the last date be extended for submission of HAF in thic category

To read the complete notification visit the website of HCOI 

If there is excess applications , then HCOI will decide the result through draw of lots / Qurrah and will allot the Haj seats to the eligible applicants.

All authorities and Haj Committees are asked to give this Circular wide publicity for the convenience of pilgrims of Haj -1437 (H)-2016.


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