Mobile Charging Facility At Grand Mosque

One have to accept that in modern days phone and cells are the integral part of any event , even in any religious event and trip one does not forget to bring and have their cell close to them. One reason is obvious , all want to be close with their dear ones and this is the best medium to fill the gap. The main problem and concern in having cell is to have the cell battery charged , often in any trip people are not able to find the right place to recharge their cell as they are constantly moving from one place to another and where they have to visit there is not any such facility .

Hajj pilgrimage is also not exceptional , pilgrims always find it difficult to recharge their cell . Taking this problem in concern , The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has launched mobile phone charging facilities inside the premises of the Grand Mosque of Makkah.This facility was introduced on Tuesday . This is going to be great relief for the pilgrims .

The charging sockets are inbuilt at the prominent places in worshiping areas and are designed as pouches to protect the mobile phones. These Charging boards at a time can charge eight mobile phones. The authority has put the notice that pilgrims will have to stand close to charging boards , while they are charging their cell / mobile phones.

Haj Pilgrims Recharging their Mobiles

Haj Pilgrims Recharging their Mobiles

However, there is one section who is not happy of this facility . They have accused that at one authorities say not to use mobile phone while in HARAM and now introducing these sort of facilities? It is paradox. They are also saying that pilgrims will be not able to focus on their prayers. They may spend more time for sharing photos, talking to home country or may even play games while having rest. According to this section facilities is not good and should be removed immediately.

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