Haj Flight – Indore 17th , Bhopal 28th Aug

MP Haj Flight Indore , Bhopal01

The first Haj Flight from Madhya Pradesh is scheduled to takeMP Haj Flight Indore , Bhopal01 off for Saudi Arabia on 17th August , 2016 from Indore. There would be daily flight from 17th to 27th August . Total 1485 pilgrims from Madhya Pradesh would go for Haj from Indore Embarkation Point.

1260 pilgrims would board for Haj from 28th August,2016 from Bhopal Embarkation point. There would be daily flight from Bhopal till 5th September. 150 Haj Pilgrims from Madhya Pradesh will board from Nagpur Embarkation Point on 25th and 26th August.

This year 162 applicants who were in waiting list from last four year are also confirmed to go for Haj pilgrimage.Thus , total about 3000 pilgrims are going for Haj from Madhya Pradesh.

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