Nigeria Seeks More Hajj Seats

Nigeria was having Haj quota of 92000 before the 20% cut due to the Grand Mosque expansion project. From last three years there is Nigeria Haj 2016allocation of just 76000 Hajj seats to the country. Taking this in concern The Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR), an NGO, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to appeal to the Saudi Arabian Government to increase Hajj quota for the country. Last year Indonesia Hajj quota was increased by 10,000 after Indonesia’s president pleaded with the then King Salman during their bilateral meeting.

Due to 20% cut there are good number of applicants for Haj pilgrims left out , so all the groups and authorities in Nigeria are concerned over the Hajj / Haj quota for the country. This country is having about 60 million of Muslim Populations. For last three years for which there is cut of Haj seats, Pakistan, India and Indonesia are allocated 94,000; 143,000 and 160,000, respectively. Nigeria hope that this year they may get increased Haj quota. They have requested Saudi Hajj Authorities to consider the request for increase in Hajj seats in view of the tremendous progress made by Nigeria in terms of compliance with Hajj rules.

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