“Rased” System To Control Rush – Haj , Grand Mosque

Last year not only the whole Muslim world was shocked due to fatal Makkah 2016Haj Crush but also the whole world was feeling  sorry for that tragedy. Before this tragedy , there were many such tragic incidents which cost the precious life of Haj pigrims and other people who were there to arrange, assist and manage the Haj in Makkah Madina.

This is the reason as soon as the Haj Starts, the officials and the authorities given the duty to manage the whole arrangements make sure that there is smooth system and guidelines for controlling the rush, before the Haj Pilgrims starts coming to perform Haj/ Hajj . The root reason behind the high number of loss of life is failing to control the rush of pilgrims .

Taking this in concern , a new smart system is ready to manage rush and security arrangements at the Grand Mosque. The “Rased” system has been developed in cooperation with Umm Al-Qura University. This was informed by Col. Badr bin Saud Al-Saud of the directorate of Haj and Umrah security operations.

A set of solutions and electronic security was recommended, on which the special forces for Haj and Umrah security were currently working to manage rush inside the courtyards of the Grand Mosque.

The new smart system will provide an interactive electronic platform to display the rush with the use of 50 cameras. Anas Basalamah, head of the research team at Umm Al-Qura University, said the “Rased” system will streamline the movement of pilgrims at the Grand Mosque.

news courtesy: Arabnews

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