Reserved Category A & B Rules For Haj Pilgrimage 2017

Every year it has been found that there are confusion regarding reserved and general category among Haj applicants . We receive so many queries regarding that . There are mainly two category for Haj as per the rule of Haj Committee of India

  1. A Category : Those who have completed their 70 years on 1st January , 2017 or born before 2nd January, 1947 they will be put in the Reserved A category with their companion.hajj-reserved-category
    NOTE : As a companion following can apply : husband, wife , brother , sister, son , daughter, grand daughter/ son , maternal grand daughter / son , daughter-in-law , son-in-law , neice, nephew. Point to Remember : Such applicants are not allowed to go alone for Haj at any cost or in any circumstances.T
  2. B Category : Those who have applied in 2014, 2015 , 2016 and still not selected , they will be considered in the reserved Category B
  3.  Those who are in A and B category ( Mahram / Companion ) will have to send the attested copy in the given format ( Read the Haj Guide Book or take the help of concerned authority )
  4. Those who are from Reserve category for them submission of  original copy of their passport is necessary .

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