Royal Embassy of SA Note on Issuance of Haj Visa

Haj Committee of India , Statutory body of Ministry of External Affairs has published a circular related to Issuance of Haj Visa2 for the pilgrims of Haj 1437(H) -2016(C.E.).

This is a copy of Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia ‘s note No 209/2435 dated 21st July, 2016 regarding the new system for the issuance of Haj Visas for the year 1437 (H)-2016 received through Ministry of External Affairs , New Delhi. This information is supposed to be forwarded to all agencies involved in Haj movement in general and the pilgrims of Haj 2016 in particular.

This note is to specify that the concerned authorities and the airlines will be able to confirm the genuiness of Haj Visas by accessing the following link :
NOTE : Visa would be verified by entering passport No or Visa No. of the pilgrim

The Embassy has informed about the page that :

  1. Facility of Barcode reader – It would give the airline crew and staffs an option to know and read the details of pilgrim by using bar-code reader.
  2. Passport Reading Machine : There is also facility to airlines staffs to retrieve visa details by using passport reading machines . The page is compatible with all types of devices . For this purpose they are advised to see the device manual.
  3. Manual inquiry – Besides, airlines staffs can also search manually by entering first name and passport number .

To read the official circular visit the website of HCOI : Hajcommittee Of India


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