Sri Lanka Requested More Haj Quota

Sri Lanka has requested an increased Haj quota for Haj pilgrimage 2016. This request was put in during a meeting between Haj Minister Bandar Hajjar and visiting Muslim Religious Affairs and Posts Minister M.H.A. Haleem in Jeddah last week.

Minister has asked to increase the current Haj quota to 7,000 pilgrims from Colombo. Last year Sri Lanka received less than 3000 pilgrims , it was just 2,840.

Sri Lanka is having more than three million of Muslim population and they all are free to travel anywhere in the world after the end of ethnic war in the island. Current Government in Sri Lanka is trying it best to give the good governance to all and not allow an sort of racism in the country , which may influence in negative manner to any minorities including Muslims.Sri Lanka Haj Pilgrimage 2016

Sri Lanka received more than 8000 applications for Haj Pilgrimage . It hopes that this year SA may increase the Haj quota , because Saudi Government has given the hint that it may increase the Haj quota for the country and it will inform the Sri Lanka Government soon on this matter.

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