GST Impact on Reduction of Haj Airfare

It is expected that the reduction in Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Haj pilgrimage from 18 percent to 5 percent will control the Haj fare for India . Reduction of GST would ensure savings of Rs 113 crore for Haj pilgrims during 2019 Haj pilgrimage .

Reduction of Airfare for pilgrims from various Embarkation point are following :

  1. Srinagar Embarkation point by Rs 11,377
  2. Ahmadabad Embarkation point  Rs 7,305.95
  3. Aurangabad Embarkation point by Rs 9,373.68
  4. Delhi Embarkation point by Rs 7,967.62
  5. Gaya Embarkation point by Rs 11,027.85
  6. Guwahati Embarkation point by Rs 13,049.63
  7. Ranchi Embarkation point by Rs 11,946.84
  8. Kolkata Embarkation point by Rs 9,787.22
  9. Hyderabad Embarkation point by Rs 7,204.87 .

This year Haj preparations started 3 months before schedule to make this Haj more comfortable for the pilgrims.

This year about 2 lakh 67 thousand applications had been received for Haj 2019 out of which 1,64,902 applications were online. A record number of 1,75,025 Muslims Muslims from India performed Haj in 2018 “that too without any subsidy,” . However, still there are many speculations regarding the total Haj cost. Haj committee of India has not yet made any official announcement on the total Haj amount . Right now it has only announced the date for the payment of Advance Haj Amount of Rs. 81,000 /- by 5th February. If selected pilgrims failed to pay it by time then their selection would be cancelled . Besides, HCOI has also announced the date for the payment date of first installment of Balance Haj amount . The amount is Rs. 1,20,000/- , which is supposed to be paid by 20th March , 2019. The next amount payment date would be announced after having all the clearance of tender for Airfare amount in Dollars, Saudi expenses in Saudi Riyal and will be payable from Mid-May to Mid-June.

Remember total cost not only includes airfare , it includes many other element , one important element is accommodation and other facilities that is supposed to be provided in Saudi Arabia to Haj pilgrims. It all depends how the deal the turn to be reasonable. Government from all countries are trying to win the deal , however, almost all are struggling. There is speculation in Pakistan of good increase in the total Haj amount . Lets hope for the best for our India Haj pilgrims and Pilgrimage 2019.


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