HCOI Flight Status Link Not Updated on Time

HCOI has improved a lot and have smoothen its application and many other Haj related process online  , which has benefited the selected Haj pilgrims. This year Haj Committee of India received total 3,55,604 applications for the pilgrimage and out of that 1,28,702 pilgrims were selected for Haj pilgrimage. There were many, who were fifth and fourth timers who applied . Managing all the previous and current records is really tough task for HCOI and amidst all taking care of all the details of each and every Pilgrims is herculean assignment , in which HCOI tries to give its best.

However, there are still some weak point where HCOI is not able to perform up to the mark . Haj Committee of India though have provided the link of Flight Status , but it is not providing the Flight updates . Today is 14th July, but there is not any update of all the flight that were scheduled today’s . No doubt , those who are scheduled to board on the flight today , they would have received their flight date and would have reached on the reporting day . Then what is the purpose of this link , if it is not able to provide the information on time .

Haj Committee of India should look into this matter . Just providing link , does not serve the purpose of Haj pilgrims if it is not able to serve the real purpose , for which it is built. This link is spreading frustration amidst pilgrims and their family, as they were quite delighted after knowing that there is link to know the flight status but after clicking the date they see ” No records found ” .

Already there are many queries  related to flight dates , some have even doubts about the flight dates itself. Such maladministration and handling of online management is agonizing.

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