Changes By HCOI For Medical and Fitness Certificate

Haj Committee of India has made few changes in Para No. 5 of Circular No. 9 dated 15th January, 2019 related to medical and fitness certificate.

As per this Para No. 5 HCOI instructed Haj pilgrims to submit Chest X-ray report and Blood report along with Medical Screening and Fitness Certificate. But, many complains and enquirers came across India , that many selected Haj pilgrims are having difficulties
in obtaining Chest X-ray report and Blood report respectively and demanded to look into the matter attentively.

The Haj Committee of India in its meeting held on 27th January, 2019 has decided that, instead of submitting Chest X-ray report and Blood report the pilgrims may submit Medical
Screening and Fitness Certificate from registered Medical Practitioner MBBS/Government Doctor as per past practice. Official Notification 

This arrangement by HCOI will definitely make the process smooth for the Haj pilgrims. Collecting all the required documents as per the given rule and condition is not easy. Its one of the toughest task , as any error in any document may be the cause for the cancellation of Haj trip. The last date to pay the advance Haj amount and to submit the Medical and fitness certificate is 5th February, 2019. So , still have time to arrange the medical screening and fitness certificate and clear the first process of Haj going trip.

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