Jharkhand Haj State Quota 2019 – No Qurrah This year

Haj committee of India has declared the program for Haj 2019 .Jharkhand State Haj Committee made all the arrangements to facilitate the applicants with smooth Haj process from application submission to final Haj pilgrimage .

There are about 4793994 population of Muslims in Jharkhand according to 2011 census. In 2016 state received total 2958 Haj Applications, which was less in comparison to previous year i.e  2015 . Number of application in 2015 state received 3219 applications .State Haj  quota in 2015  was 2538 while in 2016 it was 2958.  Final quota for Jharkhand in 2015 was  2673 while in 2016 it was 2719.

For 2019 State received 2233 Haj applications , which is less than the State Haj Quota i.e 3448. State Haj Committee is quite surprised with this downfall in the applications. Some think it may be the application date confusion others feel removal of Haj subsidy . Still difficult to find the exact reason behind it. Last year i.e in 2018 also the total application was less . Jharkhand SHC received 2827 applications. Hope next year would be good for State Haj Committee regarding the number of Haj applications.
To read all the notifications visit,  website of HCOI .http://www.hajcommittee.gov.in/

Jharkhand state Haj Committee this year is trying to educate all the intending Haj applicants about Haj process so that they may not find difficulty in the whole Haj process.

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