List of Eligible Haj PTOs 2018

Government has allocated Quota to eligible Haj Private Tour Operator ( PTOs) for Haj 2018.  With Haj PTOs 2017reference to this Ministry’s circular number dated 9th December, 2017 inviting applications for registration and allocation of quota to the Private Tour Operators for Haj 2018, a total of 763 applications were received under different categories ( 335 in Category I , 428 in Category II )

A total of 46,323 seats have been allocated to Private Tour Operators ( PTOs) for Haj 2018, which are being distributed as follows :
Category I PTO – 32,423 seats , These seats have been distributed among 331 PTOs who have been qualified for Haj 2018 . Out of this 316 have been allotted 98 seats each and remaining 15 PTOs allotted 97 seats each through qurrah / draw of lots

Category II PTOs – 13,900 seats . In this category a total of 354 PTOs have been qualified . Due to limited number of quota for Category II PTOs only 278 PTOs have been allotted seats at the rate of 50 seats each PTO. It includes 87 eligible PTOs who could not quota for Haj 2017 due to qurrah / draw of lots.

To see the name of eligible Haj PTOs , read the official notification on the website of Haj Committee of India .


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