No Qurrah For Bihar, WB , Tripura , Assam

Every year there are few states under Haj Committee of India , where the applications are less than their Haj quota . Most of the time they are the same states. This year also there are four states where there qurrah is not required because State Haj committee received less application than the Haj quota for the state. Name of these states are :
West Bengal

The amazing fact is that number of Muslim population in Bihar and West Bengal is quite high, still both the states receive less applications comparatively . Infact Chief Minister of Bihar and Bihar State Haj Committee tried to spread the awareness about Haj pilgrimage and process , still nothing changed as the end result. One of the reason which is stated is economic background , because Haj pilgrimage do need money and there is a lot of Muslim population who cant afford it . Lets pray for them that can also perform Haj once in their life time.
All applicants from these state are selected and now they should be ready with Advance Haj Amount and submission of PP / Pay-in-slip.

Assam received total 4476 applications while its Haj quota is 5959, while Bihar received 7025 applications and its quota is 9589. Whereas West Bengal State Haj Committee received 8905 applications against Haj quota of 13465 and Tripura received 93 applications for Haj against 173 Haj seats.

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