Total Haj Amount , Rough Estimate

There are so many speculations going on the total amount for Haj pilgrimage 2018 . Earlier the amount for Green as well as Aziziya category used to be close the amount that was paid previous year. However, this year it would not be the same , because after the Indian government ends the subsidy on the Hajj pilgrimage, the amount would be more than the last year.  As the official notification is not issued by Haj Committee of India , the total Haj amount is still the topic of guess and speculation . All the selected Haj pilgrims have paid their advance Haj amount and now waiting to pay the total Haj amount as soon as possible and make their preparation for upcoming Hajj Pilgrimage at Mecca .

Still one can estimate the total amount by going through the given facts and calculating on that basis. . Earlier government would  bear 45 percent cost of the airfare under the subsidy , which means pilgrims used to pay only 65 percent of the actual airfare from their side . Last year Haj pilgrims from India paid  Rs.2,00,000/- (approx.)  for Aziziya  Category and paid Rs.2,34,000/- (approx) for Green category.

For example now ,  pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir state will have to pay Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 extra, depending upon the rates finalized by the government after global tendering process of Hajj airfares .

Union minister for minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi while announcing the withdrawn of Hajj subsidy  said that now the subsidy will be used “to empower minorities without appeasement.” He further stated that  new Hajj policy had already advocated scrapping of subsidy, “that is why this year we had notified two embarkation points i.e. Delhi and Srinagar for pilgrims from the state.”

“As of now, rest of the charges payable by the pilgrims would remain same. And they would continue to get refund on exchange rates,” he said.


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