WB Onward , Inward Haj Flight Schedule 2018

Haj Committee of India has uploaded the flight schedule for Kolkata Embarkation point. The first flight for Madinah is on 17th July , 2018 from Kolkata and the flight take off would continue from this EP till 29th July.

Besides , West Bengal ( WB ) Kolkata EP covers following state Haj pilgrims too , they are Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh & Sikkim. Pilgrims from Jharkhand and Bihar as well if the pilgrims from the state have selected Kolkata as their EP.

Inward Flight is schedule to take off from Jeddah from 1st September and would continue till 12th September, 2018 . Information related to Flight number , Flight Departure Date / Time from Kolkata will be forwarded to the pilgrims on their email / mobile . Haj flight Date 

West Bengal State Haj Committee official website address : http://wbhaj.com/portal/


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